PAGELAND, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Tim Griffin, Director of Pageland Chamber of Commerce, says he’s been trying for weeks to get the Department of Transportation’s attention concerning a traffic light request at the intersection of Highway 601 and Dove Sutton road. But no one has responded.

“I would think that someone would’ve reached out to us for our industries and for our citizens,” Griffin said. 

We reached out to DOT in February and again last week — we just received a response on Thursday.

The statement reads:

SCDOT receives and satisfies many requests for traffic signals each year. The agency also investigates and denies many signal requests which citizens consider needed. At many intersections, traffic signals offer the best solution for improved safety and traffic flow. But that is not always the case. There are locations where the positive effects of traffic signals are limited, at best, making it unnecessary and even undesirable to install them. 

To determine if a traffic signal is warranted at a specific location, traffic engineers evaluate the location with respect to federal and state criteria, establishing minimum conditions under which signals may be installed. Such factors as number of vehicles approaching the intersection, frequency and type of accidents, physical layout of the intersection, average speed, and future road construction plans are considered. SCDOT takes all requests for traffic signals seriously. When engineering studies indicate that traffic signals are warranted at a location, action is initiated to have signals installed.

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Some of those factors to receive a traffic light include the number of vehicles approaching the intersection, frequency, type of accidents, and other factors.

But Griffin says although there will be about 900 trucks coming in and out of Love’s it’s not the amount of traffic that concerns them.

“What concerns me is 900 trucks up to 30 seconds per acceleration to get out of there from a dead stop, we’re looking at almost 8 hours of acceleration time,” Griffin says.

Chesterfield Representative Richie Yow says he also contacted DOT. Not only does the state not feel light is necessary, but the feds also don’t either.

“The state came in did their own after these accidents and the sad situation or the sad reality is it still does not meet the national highway administration warrant for a grand thru through the highway transportation manual,” Yow said in a phone interview with QCN.

Yow says the State is in the process of improving the signage on the highway. They’ve also agreed to come back and do another study when Love’s opens in 3 weeks.

When they do conduct the study and it warrants a light — then one will be added. 

But Griffin says it may be too late.

“This is a disaster waiting to happen. and I’m begging the DOT, I’m begging whoever can put this up – we need this!” he said.