HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Newly filed documents in a wrongful death case brought by the family of Mallory Beach — who died after a boat allegedly being driven by an intoxicated Paul Murdaugh crashed into a pillar — claim to show the extent of Paul’s drinking problem, seemingly condoned by his parents.

The photos were provided by Paul’s ex girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, and span from 2017 to 2019. They purport to depict several scenarios in which Paul became grossly intoxicated with the consent of his parents. Many photos claim to show Paul’s father, Alex, drinking alongside the minors.

The photos and videos are meant to illustrate the dangerous pattern of behavior that was supposedly commonplace for Paul, who is accused of consuming alcohol in excess then refusing to let anyone else drive the boat the night Beach died.

They are also meant to solidify that Paul’s parents — and older brother, Buster — were aware of and even facilitated his dangerous behavior.

Examples of the situations described by Doughty include her feeding Alex a shot, Alex purchasing a keg of beer for a group of minors, Paul getting intoxicated to the point of vomiting in a gift shop in the Bahamas, and Alex taking a “pain killer” and becoming “aggressive.”

Below are the photos accompanied by descriptions provided by Doughty.