KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Tennessee father is asking for help to find his daughter’s missing teddy bear, which contains a recording of her late mother’s heartbeat.

Tylor Kennedy told Nexstar’s WATE he is hoping to bring the bear back to his 4-year-old daughter after it was accidentally donated to a Goodwill Store in Tazewell, roughly 45 miles north of Knoxville.

“My daughter’s mom passed away and her grandma made her bear with her mom’s heartbeat in it,” said Kennedy. The sound can be heard when the bear’s hand is squeezed.

Kennedy said the bear, a tie-dyed rainbow teddy bear from Build-a-Bear, is the only thing the little 4-year-old girl has of her mother.

The manager of the Goodwill said she believes the bear was bought by a local resident and may still be in the area.

“Please, if y’all find it or see anybody that has one, just check or turn it in and I believe that somebody will get a reward if they dropped it off. I mean I know they’ll get their money back for sure,” Kennedy pleaded.

A sign has been placed in the Goodwill asking for the return of the bear.