ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A $500,000 settlement has been reached in Rock Hill in a federal lawsuit over a controversial traffic stop.

Rock Hill city attorneys reached the deal on Tuesday, Oct. 31, with lawyers for Travis Price.

The city’s police chief acknowledged that one of his officers assaulted Price by slamming him to the ground during the 2021 altercation.

Price was trying to get items from Rock Hill officers while they arrested his brother, Ricky. Videos of the incident led to multiple protests in the area.

Officials fired and charged the officer who put Price on the ground, but a jury found that officer not guilty of assault.

Justin Bamberg and Christy Fargnoli, attorneys for Travis Price, released this statement:

“Travis Price is pleased to have resolved this incredibly unfortunate situation with the City of Rock Hill. Mr. Price is a father of three and a family man whose reputation was unduly impacted following the incident by statements put out by the City of Rock Hill.

He was innocent and this settlement will allow him to move forward and continue to work hard to provide for his family. Mr. Price’s motivation for filing a lawsuit was to ensure that no other innocent person has their reputation smeared by a city or police department. We are confident that that message will be delivered loud and clear today.”