ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – People in Rock Hill were excited to bring the Carolina Panthers across the border into South Carolina for the foreseeable future.

But after a year-long battle in court over money, that’s not the case anymore.

“We had a contract; the other party on that contract decided they didn’t like the contract, and so they filed for bankruptcy,” said Rock Hill Mayor John Gettys. “As a result, eventually, the city received the property in the bankruptcy, and his company is no longer in the development game in Rock Hill.”

Now, the site is up for sale. 

But first, the shell of this headquarters has to come down. Crews plan to begin demolition this week, a process that will take about six months with clean-up included.

All for $1, by two Charlotte-based contracting companies, United-Blythe JV, a joint venture of United Infrastructure group and Blythe Construction.

“The other items on the site, air conditioners, spooled wire, things of that nature, we’re selling to third parties in a bid process,” Gettys said. “Once we open those bids, and they’re good bids, and they’re awarded, we split the amount of money, the purchase price between the contractor and the personal property we’ve sold so far has resulted in the city being to the better $305,000 and the contractor another $305,000.”

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After demolition is complete, the site will officially go up for sale. 

The city will entertain third-party interest in the 245-acre property, but they’re in no rush to get rid of it.

“We don’t have any real pressure to move quickly, thanks to the financial health of our community, and we need to not slow play it,” Gettys said. “But make sure that what we see built there is going to create a lot of jobs, and good wages and something that for years to come we look back and have a sense of relief that this has played out the way it has.”

The city recently announced a big win for the area with a microchip processing plant headed to Rock Hill. That private investment alone will employ over 400 people.

“With a lot less drama and a lot less expense, we’ve already matched what would’ve happened in over 20 years on the Panthers site with this one,” Gettys said. 

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