WASHINGTON, D.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Rock Hill, S.C., is set to receive $8 million in federal funding to assist the city’s water treatment plant.

When completed, the project will free up to 295,000 gallons of capacity at the Cherry Road facility, according to South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsey Graham. The city already has match funds available for the cost of the project. 

Graham’s office explains that under the terms of the proposal, filter backwash water and discharge from the sedimentation basins at the Rock Hill WTP are directed to an existing settled solids (sludge) clarifier. They are then pumped to the Manchester Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on Red Rover Road for dewatering and disposal. 

To eliminate the discharge of sludge, the city is planning to construct dewatering facilities at WTP to be used in conjunction with the new thickener and sludge pump station currently under construction. 

“Rock Hill is a vibrant, growing community,” Graham said in a statement. “We must ensure the local water system is ready to meet both the current and future needs. I believe this project had merit and will pay dividends for Rock Hill in the years to come.”  

Graham is a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations. 

“I believe it is important that elected officials have a say in how taxpayer money is spent and not rely on bureaucrats in Washington to protect South Carolina’s interests,” said Graham.