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At the Kennedy building, a makeshift memorial is forming at the site of the deadly UNCC campus shooting. One man who was in the classroom where the shooting took place recounted helping a fellow classmate who was shot.

“He was totally alert. I just kind of held pressure on his wound and elevated his legs to keep him from going into shock,” said Cooper Creech.

He’s a UNCC student and a medic with the National Guard. Even though his training was rigorous, nothing could prepare him for what would happen April 30, 2019.

“I heard gunshots,” Creech said, “and then ‘run!’”

Creech was in the classroom when an active shooter opened fire. He ran for the door; shortly later, he saw his classmate, Rami Alramadahn, drenched in blood.

“I grabbed him and brought him behind cover at one of the buildings across from Kennedy,” he said. “[I] laid him down in the grass and took his shirt off and just went into medic mode.”

Alramadhan would be OK; he was lucky. Counselors on UNCC’s campus say they’ve had students in and out of their counseling center to talk, including Creech.

“My parents wanted me to go talk to a counselor,” he said, “and I did and it was helpful I think.” He continued, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone going to see a counselor; especially after something like this.”

Creech says there were roughly 30 other students in his Science Technology and Society class when shots rang out. It’ll be a scar on UNCC and its students forever, but Creech says with the right help, healing can start now.

“It’s not being weak,” Creech said. “It’s about getting the help that you need and trying to move on as best as you can.”

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available for students and faculty who need counseling. Counselors are also available by phone at (704) 687-0311.