CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A visit from the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission this week prompted Sycamore Brewing to temporarily pull their Christmas Cookie Winter Ale cans from the taproom shelves. The brewery says an anonymous complaint was made about the ale’s provocative holiday beer label. 

“Christmas Cookie (after receiving an anonymous complaint) has requested that no more cans be sold with the reindeer label,” the brewery explained to a patron on Facebook this Friday. “There is a little bit left, and we’ll be bringing all remaining cans back to our facility and re-labeling them with last year’s G-Rated Christmas Cookie can art ðŸ™Œ and it will only available in our taproom!” 

The holiday design, depicting red and white cartoon reindeers in various compromising sexual positions, was reportedly never intended for the grocery store shelves or widescale distribution. Sycamore Brewing believed because of that, they had the freedom to be a little more risqué with the holiday design.

But, following the anonymous complaint, the brewery is now moving forward with removing the holiday reindeer labels. 

Some patrons are not happy that the new holiday beer label is being pulled. 

“What a sad world we live in if someone was offended by the can. I love it,” Mike Folk said. 

“They had to relabel it ðŸ˜­” Mike Millard wrote. 

“Risqué can you’ve got there ðŸ˜‚” Sarah Radil added. 

Want to try this festive holiday brew? Sycamore Brewing told patrons that their Christmas Cookie Winter Ale, “Will only be available in our taproom after the beer is re-labeled with last year’s G-Rated Christmas Cookie can art.”