WAXHAW, N.C. — A Waxhaw Christmas display has one homeowner’s association upset. They’re asking the homeowner to take down part of their Christmas display because it is considered “abnormal”.

When you drive through the Millbridge Community in Waxhaw you’ll find typical Christmas decorations, then there is one home depicting two classic scenes from the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

“Every Friday we watch the movie to get in the spirit of Christmas and this year we weren’t able to do that because my children have grown and moved out of state, so when they came home for Christmas this year I wanted them to be greeted by a scene they know and love,” said Shelly Koman.

From head to toe, the display is nearly spot-on. Cousin Eddie, with his robe and beer in hand, greets every car that drives by. For most neighbors it brings a smile, but not for the HOA. They sent a letter to Shelly, demanding the Cousin Eddie portion of her display come down.

“I wasn’t completely shocked about the letter, but looking at some of the other decorations in the neighborhood he is to scale so I don’t think it’s abnormal,” said Koman.

“Abnormal” is the reason the HOA is against Cousin Eddie. They’re fine with Clark hanging from the gutter, but say Eddie, isn’t considered a normal display. So, what is a normal Christmas display?

“That I don’t know. I did ask if I could put up a 12-foot Grinch in the yard that was an inflatable and they told me I would have to go ahead and do that and find out,” said Koman.

The HOA won’t budge, even after finding out FOX 46 was doing a story about the letter. For now, Shelly Koman is standing her ground.

“I am not going to take this down. I know we could potentially be fined for that. This is my Christmas for my family and it’s a classic Christmas movie so I don’t see why it has to come down,” said Koman.

Originally the display was supposed to be a surprise, but after the letter from the HOA, the display has become the talk of the community.