WEDDINGTON, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers getting results. This week, we’re recognizing a teacher at Weddington High School after a student wrote in about her English teacher.  

Sarah reached out saying,”She is an amazing teacher but she doesn’t just teach content, she is a friend. She deserves so much.”

Miss Marisa DiFronzo didn’t see it coming. No one in her class, however, was surprised that she is this week’s Teacher Getting Results. 

“It’s a class everyone looks forward to,” Willie Miller said.

“Ms. D. makes it so we always have time to have fun, but she’ll balance it with teaching,” Benian Yao said.

Current students rave about her and the wall by her desk is covered in notes and letters from past students addressed to Mama D.           

“I appraoch every student as an individual and I try to get to know them first as a person before a student,” Miss DiFronzo explained. 

“It’s her attitude. She makes it very approachable and she talks to us honestly and treats us like adults and how we want to be treated,” Yao said. 

Miss DiFronzo believes education is all about relationships and communication. 

“Education should always be give and take. It should be a work in progress every day. Every day is different, and I think it has to be different in order to really maintain and achieve the success that’s needed,” Miss DiFronzo said. 

“She helps us work together too, not only work with her but we grow together and it’s just really awesome,” Sami Eberhard said. 

In her short career, Miss DiFronzo has racked up the awards, being names as Weddington High School’s Teacher of the Year, receiving UNC Charlotte’s Beginning Teacher Award and more. 

Her mentors and students said it’s Miss DiFronzo’s passion and enthusiasm that makes her effective in the classroom. 

“If I can help them become the best version of themselves I’ve done more than teach them a lesson on poetry. So if I can be that source and that positive presence for my students, I’ve done my job,” she said. 

Miss DiFronzo said she’s happiest in the classroom. She is also from the area and decided she wanted to teach in Weddington. She is going to be on Good Day Charlotte Thursday morning sharing her enthusiasm about education. 

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