Charlotte, N.C. — There’s big news for the athletic community here in Charlotte! This Wednesday, the USA Paralympic Curling Captain will be in town. He’ll roll on the ice to teach both pros and beginners that pushing a rock is more than a sport. It’s a way to way to find hope.

“In ’94, after getting out of the military, I got in a car accident and broke my neck,” said Twila Adams.

There are many life journeys.

“I had a stroke 13 years ago,” said David Box.

That lead to this destination.

“A lot of people say, ‘when we get through this, we’ll go back to life as normal’. You don’t get through it. You adapt to it,” said David’s mom Jane Box.

Curling on wheels – that’s right – on wheels is a new way people like David Box are learning to adapt and excel.

Curling is the latest addition to Carolinas rehabilitation adaptive sports and adventures program.

“We offer an equipment loan program. We loan out pieces of adaptive equipment at no cost. We also aim to offer many of our programs to no cost to the community,” said Jackie Campbell, recreational therapist.

“Getting out of the house, opening the blinds, involved in something will help redirect your energy, so you can become a part of the community again,” said Twila.

The group meets every Monday at Charlotte curling association off of Old Statesville Road in North Charlotte.

“I’ve seen children thrive, people get out of their shell, become active, or get healthy again. It’s great to be part of that moment when people say yes, i can do something,” said Campbell.

“Curling has been fun. Adaptive sports have been great. It gives opportunities that people wouldn’t have. Look at all these people out here who would otherwise be at home. We’re having a great time. A little cold, but having a great time,” said Jane Box.

This Monday is the deadline to sign up for Wednesday’s clinic with USA Paralympic Curling captain Patrick McDonald.

For information on how to get involved in the upcoming fundraiser, click here.