CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — As the unrest in Ukraine continues, people all over the world are trying to do their part to help. That includes a small bakery in Charlotte.

Manolos Bakery is taking several measures to try to help those suffering overseas.

“You look for ways to help,” said Charlotte Resident John Morgan. “And they’re doing just that.”

In this specific case, that help is coming from thousands of miles away.

“We just want to let the people in Ukraine know we are here,” said Lincolnton Resident Teresa Brantley. “And we support them.”

Doused and decorated with icing, and contoured with color— making the cakes inside Manolos Bakery is definitely an art. But, in this case, it’s also taking a lot of heart.

“I don’t run my business for money,” said Manolos Bakery Owner Manolo Betancur.  “I run my business to create an impact on community, and I was looking to make a social change.”

The man behind Monolos Bakery is an immigrant himself.

“My family lost everything because of war,” he said. “So I know how much the people are suffering and how everything is painful right now where they are in Ukraine.”

Manolo is taking it upon himself to help those in need across the world.

Ten percent of “King Cake” sales from Mardi Gras are going straight to an organization in Ukraine.

In addition to that, the bakery is designing cakes and donuts with Ukrainian colors.  All net profits from those will go to the people in need in Ukraine. 

“My business keeps growing and growing,” said Betancur. “I can make a change in the community, but because of this situation– we can make a change in the world.”

He’s already been in touch with a Poland bakery helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war-torn country.

“It makes me feel good,” said Brantley. “A lot of people in this country are willing to do that for people they’ve never met or never will meet.”

For Brantley, showing support at the bakery is personal. She’s been to Ukraine several times and has friends there.

“This is a wonderful thing he’s doing,” she said. “We are doing our small part.  If everyone did their part, it would make a big difference.”

Every Ukrainian in Mecklenburg County is also encouraged to get a free cake from the bakery.  All they have to do is show up and let the crew know they’re from Ukraine. “If every single baker around us is doing what I’m doing, it’s going to make an impact,” said Becantur.