WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. (KOLR) – A Missouri man is taking Bass Pro Shops to court over a pair of socks. 

Kent Slaughter filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging that previously when someone would return Redhead Lifetime Guarantee All-Purpose Wool Socks, Bass Pro Shops would honor the lifetime warranty and provide a new pair at no charge.

The lawsuit goes on to say in 2021, Bass Pro Shops changed its practices and no longer honored the warranty.

Slaughter says that when you return the socks now, they are only replaced with a new, different pair that comes with a limited 60-day warranty.

The socks now have a different design, “presumably so that [Bass Pro Shops] employees know that no warranty will be honored for those 60-Day Socks beyond the limited warranty period,” the lawsuit alleges.

Included in the lawsuit is a picture of the socks in question. On the packaging, the brand advertises the garment as “the last sock you’ll ever need to buy.”

Slaughter’s lawsuit says Bass Pro Shops consumers “have been misled, induced and defrauded into spending money.”

Nexstar’s KOLR reached out to Bass Pro for a comment, but the company said it wouldn’t comment on ongoing litigation.