CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – One of the best minds in football, Panthers vice president of football administration, Samir Suleiman, joined CSL for an exclusive interview.

Suleiman has done everything — from playing, scouting, and working in the league and front offices for over 20 years.

Operating with a new coaching staff this offseason, he elaborated on the process of building the team.

“It’s been a quick transition, to say the least,” Suleiman said.

Question: “So what about the ninth pick in the draft?”

“I wish I knew,” Suleiman chuckled. “Hopefully, we’ll take somebody good.”

Holding an expanded role in the budgeting and finance function of operations for the team, Suleiman’s position during the Draft Combine was pretty expanded.

“Before the combine, we had draft meetings where we sat with all the scouts and even some coaches to get a good, brief look of all the players in the combine,” Suleiman said. “At the same time, you have to balance who’s in free agency.”

Additionally, Suleiman chatted about who stuck out to him during this year’s incoming class.

“I thought defensively, overall, that was a really fast group,” he said. “I was very impressed by that. It’s a deep running back class, deep tight end class; obviously, there’s some good quarterbacks.”

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