CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – It was like something straight out of an old Eminem song.

“I was excited, you know,” admitted Panthers wide receiver DJ Chark. “That opportunity was pretty cool.”

And like Marshall Mathers, Chark wasn’t about to let the moment slip, even if he was playing out of his element.

“It was my first time really being in a studio with professionals,” he recalled.

It all started months earlier when his agent reached out to see if he was interested in being in the new Madden game.

“I was a big fan,” he said. “I have collected every Madden since 2000.”

So, of course, the answer was yes. But as he soon learned, this wouldn’t just be for his likeness.

“You are playing the game, and you hear yourself?” he smiled. “That’s crazy. Of course, I want to try that.”

Chark first had to make the cut to be included on this year’s official soundtrack. But while the 27-year-old had a name fit for the industry, he did not, in fact, have a real experience rapping. Undeterred but realistic about his chances, he sent out a demo anyway and hoped for the best.

A few weeks went by… After not hearing back, Chark figured he had missed out, and the six-year veteran wide receiver most certainly would have, had it not been for a chance encounter in LA a few weeks later.

“While there, I met the team of Interscope (Records) who was doing the joint project with Madden,” Chark remembered. “They told me to come back the next week to come and record. I made sure I was back the next week.”

He came ready to work, amazingly writing his verse within 30 minutes.

“Money Mayweather, I’ll never be beat,” he raps. “Got rid of Bronco got SRT Jeep!”

While I can’t say for sure I understand what he’s talking about, I can tell you I was impressed. Those who listened to him record his song “Sweep” that day apparently felt the same way.

“I could tell they liked it,” he said. “Just from head bobs and stuff like that. Everyone that has heard the song complimented me on it. That was pretty dope.”

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So is making video game history as Chark now is among the first set of players to ever appear on the Madden soundtrack. It’s an honor he doesn’t take lightly.

“It’s something that anytime I go back, I can always tell my kids, you can go to this Madden, and you can hear me on it!”

Eat your heart out, Slim. A star is born.

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