(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Nick Skubis said it was like the stars aligned when Cam Newton re-signed with the Carolina Panthers.

“My sister lives out in Phoenix, and we had planned to go to this game earlier this year,” said Skubis. “Actually, made my nephew a Panthers fan.”

He hopped on his flight from New York as planned, excited about seeing QB1.

“I knew he would give us some energy that we needed, that we were missing, that leadership, everything he’s always brought to the team.”

The whole crew went into the stadium early and Newton ran past them during warm-ups. Once the game started, and the Panthers were near the goal line.

“I was watching Cam on the sideline pacing back and forth putting his helmet on,” added Skubis. “I said, ‘Hey Ricky, I think he is going in the game man.'”

You’ve probably seen the play by now, Cam scored, but what you may not have seen is what Skubis did next after running down to the railing.

“He took his helmet off and said I’m back. He looked right over at me, and I hit the Cam jersey like that, and he handed it (the football) right to me.”

Nick says he has been a fan of the Panthers since day one. He has a room filled with memorabilia, and his black cat, a mini-panther, is named Cam.

He figures his nephew would have got the ball if he had been wearing a Newton jersey. They did get a picture with Jeremy Chinn and Nick says he will pass on this prize possession to his nephew eventually.

“This will end up being his someday,” said Skubis. “But I’m going to hold on to it for now.”

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