CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Former Seattle Seahawk and Super Bowl champion K.J. Wright joined CSL for an exclusive interview Tuesday evening.

Off-rip, Wright gave his opinions regarding the recent Panthers head coaching decision, as they hired Frank Reich and moved on from now-former interim head coach Steve Wilks.

“Owners, they just never fail to amaze me. Like, ‘what are you thinking? What are you doing?'” Wright said. “You have the gem [Wilks] in your building. He got the team turned around in a limited amount of games. The players love him; they respect him. Give him another chance.”

Wilks led the team to a 6-6 record after taking the helm during the 2022 season.

Meanwhile, Reich returns home to Charlotte after signing with the expansion Carolina Panthers in March of 1995, beginning a brand new franchise.

“If he [Tepper] was going to hire anyone [other than Wilks], this is the right hire,” Wright continued. “He is going to get this franchise where they need to go.”

Additionally, Wright gave insight into how to help solve Carolina’s quarterback situation, suggesting Derek Carr would be a solid option if they opted to trade. He also explained the Panthers should wait until he’s released for salary cap purposes.

Arguably the most intriguing insight Wright gave during the one-on-one came when he was asked about ‘the play’ in Super Bowl XLIX; Marshawn Lynch wasn’t given the ball on the 1-yard line, leading to Russell Wilson’s interception, and yet another Patriots Super Bowl win.

“I still have nightmares to this day,” Wright said. “I screamed out loud, ‘Why are we in shotgun?!’ We got a p*** poor explanation.”

Wright elaborated further on whether there was an explanation or closure on the call.

“We had a team meeting the next day,” said Wright. “The explanation wasn’t good enough. The decision to do that didn’t even make sense. When you lose in that fashion, the dynasty we could’ve put together, it sucked we had to end like that.”


Could it have played a role in the play-calling decision?

Just hear from K.J., yourself.

“I do believe it was a subconscious, egotistical decision. Like, ‘hey, you go be the guy to be the Super Bowl MVP and win us the Super Bowl,'” he said. “No way do you make that play on the 1-yard line when you have the best running back in the NFL. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

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