(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A NASCAR team is asking for the public’s help after their racecar and equipment were stolen over the weekend. Mike Harmon Racing was returning from Daytona International Speedway after competing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series event on Saturday. Both team cars finished in the top 20.

Team owner Mike Harmon says the hauler driver of the #47 made a brief stop in Kingsland, Georgia early Sunday morning. Harmon says surveillance video shows someone getting into the truck, messing with the ignition, before driving away back down I-95 towards Florida.

Whoever took the truck was able to get away with the trailer, race car, and all equipment inside.

“Sunday was awful when we woke up and realized one complete team had completely disappeared,” said Harmon.

The team posted pictures of the missing equipment on social media and is offering a $5,000 reward. RepairableVehicles.com, a sponsor for the car driven by Kyle Weatherman, later doubled the reward to $10,000.

Insurance King President Dan Block pledge another $2,500 to the reward Thursday afternoon. The reward for the car now stands at $12,750.

“There are a lot of people looking for it. If I had it, I would be a nervous guy, I can promise you that,” said Harmon.

Harmon tells FOX46 the in all the stolen equipment and racecar are easily worth more than $250,000. The trailer has no identifying decals on the outside, so Harmon believes whoever stole the vehicle had no idea there was a NASCAR Xfinity Series Chevy Camaro inside.

NASCAR doesn’t stop because a racecar is stolen. In just a matter of days the NASCAR Xfinity Series will race in Dover, Delaware. Mike Harmon says the team will be there, ready to race.

“We have other cars, but they aren’t 100 percent. Most teams are that way. You put your best stuff on the car you are running,” said Harmon.

While the stolen car and equipment is a blow to the small team, Harmon remains optimistic.

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“You don’t feel like you deserve it. You feel like someone ripped your heart out. You don’t have to look very far to find some time in worse shape, that can’t fight back. We can fight back from this,” said Harmon.

The truck and trailer were last spotted in Florida. Anyone with information should call their local police.