STATESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – “History is so broad, You can focus on anything you’re interested in,” said Steve Hill.

History is something that happened in the past. ‘Past’ is the key word, time moves on but history stays put.

But for those like Steve Hill, history is here, right now. History is alive.

“A lot of people say, how much is this worth? Well, most of it you couldn’t replace,” said Steve.

Irreplicable- yes.

A lot- absolutely.

“It was labeled, Not the kid’s name, but molasses taster,” said Steve, holding up an old photograph.

It started when he was 10 and for the past 58 years, Steve has been a collector of all things Statesville.

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“I have been known to crawl in a dumpster in my days, for the cause of course,” laughed Steve.

Growing up, downtown Statesville was the center of his world. From the iconic clock tower to the old buildings lining the streets, Steve always wanted to know more.

“I would mow yards and save up my dollar and go up and buy those things, add to the collection. I would put up little displays in my bedroom,” said Steve.

Decades later, his passion became a museum called ‘The Statesville Historical Collection.’ Even now, Steve is always looking for that next bit of undiscovered history.

“Gotta have it. It’s a battle then, a bidding war,” said Steve.

His fear is that no one else will protect, and no one else will tell the story.

“So, if I don’t save it, it’s going to be gone,” said Steve.

While his museum is full of every picture, every Knick knack, and every item you can imagine it’s all dedicated to the people… making history.