PINEVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — On the sidelines or in the middle of the floor, happiness isn’t based on where you are. It’s all about who you are.

“Way to go, A!” cheered Deidre Adams.

Though it’s just practice, Ayden Adams is cheerful.

“When I put on a smile, the day turns right up, and it’s really fun,” the 9-year-old said.

A smile. That helps. But there’s someone else who cheers her on.

“She tells me to reach for my goals,” she said.

“I am a firm believer in a happy place, and whatever that is for you, let me be the person to help you achieve that feeling of happiness,” said Deidre.

She’s mom to Ayden. To Deidre, Ayden is her mini-me.

“A little bit of sass. Sometimes I have to check myself and say, ‘She’s getting that from me,”’ laughed Deidre.

Though she’s tumbled for years, Ayden’s been cheering at Carolina Flipz in Pineville for a few months.

It’s become her happy place and something the whole family needed to find.

“She was daddy’s girl. Moms are great, but dads are the world to a little girl especially,” Deidre said.

Two years ago, Ayden’s dad, Nathan, died unexpectedly. There have been many sad days since.

“I always say it’s okay to cry. Instead of stop crying, I like to say it’s okay to cry. And I’m here if you want to cry together,” said Deidre.

Together, that’s how they found “it” again.

“I just started dance again,” said Deidre.

“She just started, and it was so amazing,” said Ayden.

Happiness is worth cheering for.