CRAMERTON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY HOMETOWN) — It’s a big deal to be small at Cramerton Drug Co.

“It’s about as small as you can get,” pharmacist and store co-owner Preston Guy said. “Which is great. We want to keep that small. It is old school, really old school.”

Not only is their philosophy old-school, they’ve got a collection of old-school medicine bottles on the shelves.

“I’ve always said that whenever I leave the drug store, all I want is the bottles. I’ll leave everything else,” said Preston.

“I’d throw them all away right now,” laughed Brad King. “I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding.”

Brad is also a pharmacist and feels like family to Preston.

“We’re the odd couple,” joked Preston.

Maybe he’s more like an antagonizing brother, who can’t help but crack jokes.

“I’m probably the best counter in here,” said Brad. “We had a race one time, I had to cheat to win. But I’m probably the worst.”

The drug store has been around for more than 50 years. Sometimes, it’s hard for Preston to believe that.

“It’s surprising, to be honest with you,” said Preston.

But after an hour, it’s clear why it’s still here.

Even with our camera and the intent to just blend in, the teasing began.

“Do we get royalties? If this thing really blows up do we get anything out of it?” joked Brad.

Suddenly, we became part of their crew- their family.

And that isn’t a small thing.