CRAMERTON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Around and around.

It’s a spiraling journey to the top of Cramer Mountain.

The road finally ends at a mansion that looks like it sprung from the mountain itself.

“The people in town have an incredible sense of place and history and community,” said Warren Cramer.

A lot of that history is tied to the mansion and to a man who helped give Cramerton its story and its name.

“I try not to mention my name when I speak to people,” laughed Warren. “But, my friends will say, this is Mr. Cramer.”

Warren’s grandfather was Stuart Cramer. He was an inventor, engineer, and textile mill owner. He lived in the house on top of… Cramer Mountain. His thumbprint is all over the mill town he built and one of his most famous inventions is in most closets.

“Khaki!” laughed Warren.

“Of course, the town picked up the nickname Khaki Town,” said Rhett Cozart.

Yes, Khaki was invented in Cramerton.

“That was my favorite Navy uniform – the khakis,” said Rhett.

Rhett can’t say he was born in Cramerton.

“I was 10 days old when we moved to Cramerton,” said Rhett.

But, he can say he was raised here. He has countless stories about the old swimming pool, the shops in the center of town, and the barbershop. He was Mayor of Cramerton for four years. Ask anyone in town, they know who Rhett is.

“It’s welcoming. It’s slow-paced,” said Rhett. “It’s just, it’s home.”

“I think he would say his legacy was the community, town and the people of Cramerton,” said Warren.

The mansion on the mountain is part of Cramerton’s story. But the true legacy has nothing to do with the stone or the wood, but rather the people who call Cramerton home.