DAVIDSON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — It’s the place where time moves both fast and slow. It’s where you can find friends, your passions, and hopefully find yourself.

“I think that friendship can come from anywhere,” said Breanna Suarez.

As a sophomore theatre and education major, at Davidson College, Breanna already had plenty of friends.

That is until a class assignment paired her up with a senior.

“Some people are old at 30; some people are really old at 90,” said Dee Andrian. “But my dear mom, she just taught me how to be young heart,”

It seems like that lesson stuck. Dee is 92. Breanna is 19.

Their friendship is timeless.

“She’s my adopted granddaughter,” said Dee. “It’s not a friendship; it’s family,”

“Gosh, we get off the phone, we’re like, ‘Love you, love you,” described Breanna. “It’s a super sweet relationship.”

“Love at first sight,” added Dee.

The two are actresses made for the camera.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” laughed Dee. “I’m a professional ham.”

They’ve been hanging out all semester but only have two photos to show for it. For they were too busy learning the important stuff.

Like how wonderful, or in this case, how Dee-lightful it is to have a friend.