LANCASTER, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Around 8,500 people call Lancaster, South Carolina home. It’s a smaller town, but one thing that’s not small is the pride people have in their hometown.

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There are places to visit and also places that are empty along Main Street in Lancaster.

But a second look, a closer look, shows what’s really going on here.

“That’s one reason I love the murals going up, it’s different than walking by a beige wall, brick wall. It’s bright, you look at it and you smile,” said Syndey Hinson Bucca.

Sydney grew up in the area and when she’s downtown, she always has one stop to make.

“Hey Huey, how are you? I speak to him when I come in. We spent a lot of time together, creating him so I feel very attached,” said Sydney.

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In fact ‘Huey’ is one of a pack of dogs and cats standing watch over notable places in town.

“They have proven to be more than what we ever could have expected,” said Debbie Jailette, with the Lancaster County Council of the Arts.

Debbie had the idea a few years ago to place painted animals around town. She said, once they started, it took off.

“Ten, which turned into 20, which turned into 30, which turned into 30 plus 10 littles,” laughed Debbie.

It’s helped launch more than just tributes to our four-legged friends.

“I believe the creative economy is absolutely the way our community will be strong and vibrant again,” said Debbie.

There’s art everywhere in Lancaster and Sydney will be tackling the latest project- a new art-focused community space downtown.

“This will be my largest piece I have installed in town,” said Sydney.

While Lancaster grows, the art community does too. With many people celebrating all the colorful corners in town.