ALBEMARLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s rarely obvious and almost always unexplained.

The sense or unshakeable feeling that even though nothing is there, something or someone may be looking back.

“From the time I came to Albemarle in the 1960s, just visiting, stories were there,” said Chris Bramlett.

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Chris runs the oldest family-owned jewelry store in Stanly County. Their upstairs neighbor has been around as long as they have.

“There hasn’t really been anything going on here since about 1917,” said Chris.

An old opera house, shuttered in 1917 when the flu pandemic hit.

“I don’t doubt anything,” said Chris.

Carved into the wall is an imprint of a forgotten door that was created when the mortuary ran out of room for the caskets.

“The doorway was cut in there,” pointed Chris.

It’s not just at the opera house where stories swirl.

“We can be receptive to whatever might be there,” said Susan Sharples.

Susan has collected the stories of Albemarle for years. Over at the Snuggs House, the oldest house in Albemarle, she has plenty of stories.

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“Then she came inside, and the train was not going and there were no lights on,” said Susan, telling the story of a woman who saw all the lights on in the house one night. But, when she opened the door and walked in, nothing was turned on.

“It is a house with some very interesting activity,” said Susan.

But there’s one incident, that still gives her chills. While taking a tour, someone makes a joke about a picture of one of the people who lived here.

“We all chuckled and then as he started to leave, he walked under the light and the bulb exploded over his head,” remembered Susan.

The shattered lightbulb missed his head by inches.

“I definitely had goosebumps I will never forget seeing that light explode,” said Susan.

As for the Opera House, it’s said that during the late evening hours certain sounds can be heard.

“I have heard music and I did not know where it came from,” said Chris.

Unexplained? Yes.

Eerie? Absolutely.


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“I believe that anything can happen. And it can certainly happen right here in this space and in this building,” said Chris.

So next time, when the moon is out and that feeling creeps in, maybe someone is in fact- looking back.

Happy Halloween.