The butterflies dance and the plants stay green,

but up at this home things are not always as they seem.

“Fairies have to have somewhere to live!”

A change in perspective,

That would do.

For the stories have been shared, the legends too.

But this one, you may not know.

QC Hometown: Slinging hot dogs in Monroe since 1933

For it starts right here, right here in Monroe.

“It’s hard being incognito.”

It’s hard being famous, yes that’s true.

But wait- who?

“Kris Kringle in the UK.”

What did you say?

“Sinterklaas in Germany.”

Could it really be?

“It’s 365, yes mam. It’s year-round. I never stop being Santa.”

Wait- aha!

hanged little girl’s life, legacy

The beard. The twinkle. That jolly old soul.

“This is our favorite place to be while we’re not working in the North Pole.”

It’s SANTA! Right here in Monroe.

In North Carolina, he’s recognized wherever he may go.

“Most people, when they see me, they’ll smile.”

It won’t be Christmas for a while.

But already, Mrs. Clause is making sure Santa is in style.

“Red of course, that’s a silly question.”

For though it’s September, he’s already begun.

He has his toys, his workshop too.

And is putting away the cookies. Sometimes one- sometimes a few.

“Oh, Mrs. Clause, no question. She can make the best cookies anyway.”

It may not be Christmas day,

But Santa does have one thing to say.

“Always working on that list. You still have just a little bit of time to get on the nice list.”

Listen up, this can’t be missed.

Be kind. Be jolly. Be happy too. For Santa is watching- Santa will know,

all from his home, right here in Monroe.