MOORESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Between the bells and the decimal points, school can be a lot. Sometimes it’s who’s friends with who and what’s in style.

“Most of my stuff doesn’t match, well it depends,” said Maddy Richter, who’s a fifth grader at Mooresville Intermediate School.

For Richter, it’s all about the clothes, but not in the way you might think.

“Like, some people thought it was a good idea. Some people thought it maybe wouldn’t work,” said Richter.

Right at the beginning of the hallway is an old classroom that’s been turned into a closet. It’s filled with all kinds of donated clothes for Richter’s classmates.

“I just feel like I like to help people, if people don’t have enough, I like to help them,” said Richter.

She got the idea from her grandpa and decided to create a free closet for kids who didn’t have enough clothes or who needed something right away.

“It was because I fell in mud during a fire drill,” said Layne Peirce, who had to grab some clothes from the closet.

“I feel like it’s a kind thing to do,” said Layne.

Richter doesn’t have a clue how many clothes she’s folded.

“That’s a great question. I have no clue,” laughed Richter.

She also doesn’t know how many of her classmates have stopped by the closet.

“It’s not like their fault, it may just be a coincidence that can happen to their family,” said Richter.

Next year, she’ll be moving up to middle school. So, she’s not sure if the closet will stay open. However, if she could do anything – it’d be this.

“That it will be there forever and that everybody will be able to use it,” said Richter.

Another dream – maybe the closet could grow.

“Hopefully next year I can try to maybe have one at the middle school,” said Richter.

It’s not always math and science taught at school. Sometimes, the teachers aren’t those at the chalkboard, but rather those kids giving us all a much-needed lesson in kindness.