McADENVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – There’s a word that goes along with this time of year.

It comes before “holidays” and is a feeling shared by many.


‘Happiness’: Must-see Christmas stop in McAdenville

For the first graders in Mrs. Flectcher’s music class, it can be found through music.

“A big hug,” said Londyn.

Through celebration.

“I guess having fun,” said Braxten.

Through family.

“Just when my mom hugs me and my brother too,” said Tiffany.

As they practice and practice for McAdenville’s big holiday concert in celebration, their happiness mixes with excitement and nerves.

“It was bright,” remembered Noah.

Record store among many changes in heart of McAdenville

“I feel happy and good but a little scared,” said Londyn.

But that’s okay; sometimes, life can be a bit scary.

“There was millions of people last year,” said Braxten.

But they all know who they’re doing it for.

“My entire family’s going to be there, and my mom likes when she sees me like singing,” said Tiffany.

Even when things seem daunting, happiness is always there, ready to be found in a song or a smile.