WAXHAW, N.C. (QUEEN CITY HOMETOWN) — “I often think of them as being living things, they fight me sometimes. Other times they cooperate very well.”

Everyone experiences it. But, each experience is different.

Some are on fast-forward and others in slow motion.

“Good afternoon, Antique Clock shop,” said Kemp Heinbaugh.

Kem’s business is time, a tireless teacher whose lesson is hard to learn. “Patience, extreme patience with mechanical devices, not necessarily with people,” laughed Kemp.

He’s been working on clocks for 50 years. “Just long enough to be dangerous,” said Kemp. For the last 30 years, he’s been working with his daughter, Kristen Devine.

Though she started working somewhere else, she couldn’t help but be enthralled by time.

“I never left, I think he probably said I should have thought about it first,” joked Kristen.

“She’s a great deal more patient than I and has interpersonal skills far exceeding those of myself,” said Kemp.

They have the same favorite clock.

“An E Howard train station from Manchester, New Hampshire,” said Kemp.

But others have also captured their attention.

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“Those that do have a Westminster chime do sound amazing- that is- that it sounds like a bell,” said Kristen, right as the clock started to chime. “How perfect is that?”

Though the seconds stay steady, as it moves on it seems to speed up.

“When you reach my age, the weeks pass like days,” said Kemp.

But even then, it all comes together in perfect timing.