SHELBY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY HOMETOWN) — “Life is good with a dog.”

Like the chorus from a classic song, the storefront at RollOver Pets in Shelby also has a doggie in a window.

“They might come in and [wonder] what in the world, why is everyone here?” said owner Fred Harril.

On Fridays, that storefront and corner fills up with the best kind of love.

“A crowd draws a crowd draws a crowd,” laughed Fred.

Every dog in the store is a foster pet at Clifford’s Army.

They’re all up for adoption and have their own story. There’s Jester, who was left behind at a rental property.

“I wish I could adopt them all!” said Karin Stegall.

They’ve only been doing Foster Fridays for a few months so far. But Fred said it’s what their window display needed all along.

“No life to potentially, the best life,” said Fred. “I have cold chills right now, how can you not be emotional about that?”

Karin saw a picture of Jester online. She fell in love with her eyes and droopy ears.

“You’re going to come over to live with us and our family,” said Karin, petting Jester.

So, that Friday, after a house inspection, she came to bring Jester home, going from forgotten, to found.