CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS NOW) — On July 31, 20223, a North Carolina State University graduate placed second in the 19th Annual North American Student Design Competition.

The Student Design Competition was created to promote the use of alpaca fiber in fashion, textile and interior design at the fundamental level of educational institutions, according to the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA).

Kelsi Manley, of Charlotte, has been interested in the fashion industry since she was very young and even created clothes for her dolls.

At 10 years old, Manley attended a fashion summer camp where she learned the foundations of fashion design.

“My line, Lure, is a simple, sleek, luxury women’s athletic wear line,” Manley said. “I created Lure for women who value longevity and functionality in their athletic wear. The design’s main selling point is the alpaca fibers and their ability to regulate body temperatures. Each garment is 100% alpaca and sustainable. The natural colors of alpaca offer a dye-free line for a modern, minimalist style.”

Kelsi Manley’s design for the 19th Annual North American Student Design Competition

The competition was divided into two categories- fashion design and textile design. Entries required a presentation board, swatches and a one-page essay.

The top three entries in each category and the winning essay received cash scholarships and will be spotlighted in the award-winning nationally distributed publication Alpacas Magazine.

“Through this experience, I have come to appreciate alpaca’s functional and sustainable elements,” Manley said. “I love the wide range of natural colors and the versatility of the fiber’s end use. I want to explore other ways to incorporate alpaca into my future designs.”