MOORESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEW) — It’s no secret that Queen City and its surrounding areas continue to grow at a rapid pace, but as more people move to the area is infrastructure keeping up? In our latest Queen City Question, we take a look at Mooresville and its plans for its roadways.

Our latest Queen City Question comes from a viewer that just moved into the area. Jennifer asks, “With all the new construction happening in the area what is the city’s plan in relation to roads to handle all this traffic?” She also mentioned River Highway, Route 150 was a particular problem.

Town leaders do have a plan and it will address all that congestion on Rt. 150. But let’s back up and explain why Mooresville is seeing these traffic concerns.  According to town officials, there are a few reasons Mooresville sees so much traffic. Obviously, Lake Norman, the new construction, but also because of where Mooresville is located, squarely between two major interstates I-77 to its west and I-85 to its east. And guess what connects the two of them in the north, Rt. 150.

Now part of the plan to fix some of the congestion is a new East-West Connector. A two-phase project that will create a new four-lane divided route between 77 and 85, giving riders an alternative to heading through downtown Mooresville up to Rt. 150. 

Phase One connects I-77 Exit 31 at Langtree Road to Highway 115. That project is funded and is estimated to be done by the winter of 2024. Phase Two will connect 115 to Shearers Road which already has a connector to Route 3.

But here’s the thing, these projects take time.

“I would guess if I started today, it’s probably about eight years, somewhere in that neighborhood of, of having that project in place,” said Jon Young, Mooresville’s Public Services Director.

The East-West Connector isn’t all Mooresville is doing to alleviate traffic headaches.  There’s also another major project that’s being done to improve Faith Road and Highway 115 in that area.

“It’s a complete intersection improvement project for Highway 115 and, and a road called Faith Road and Campus Lane. And it’ll be full intersection improvement. It’ll have left turn lanes, have right turn lanes. Contractors actually working on it right now,” said Young.

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That project isn’t new but as Young said they had problems with the original contractor, but now that they have a new team on it the expected end date is winter of next year.

So, to go back to Jennifer’s question as to what Mooresville is doing? The answer, there are two major road projects that Mooresville is working on. And the hope is if you can give folks an alternative to having to go through downtown Mooresville to connect interstates and expand and improve the roadways then that will help alleviate some of the traffic.

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