CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- In December, FOX 46 and its parent company Nexstar launched a campaign to feature remarkable women in our area. We asked you to nominate the remarkable women in your life and the response was amazing!

Meet Doctor Shante Williams.

“She’s an angel investor, she’s an entrepreneur, she’s a businesswoman, she’s just doing so many amazing things to uplift others,” nominator Nephaterra Best said. “So that’s why I thought it would be an honor to nominate her for this outstanding award.”

Dr. Williams began her career in the medical field, where she discovered innovative chemotherapy treatments for invasive brain tumors, but underneath all of that scientific knowledge was a passion for solving problems across so many industries, from health and finance, to real estate. So she branched out.

Dr. Williams is currently the CEO of Black Pearl Global Investments. It’s a firm focused solely on healthcare, investing in companies around the world that work to reduce health disparities.

The tag line? Be well, do well.

“We are doing well from the Black Pearl perspective by finding companies that are doing great things, solving problems that really are very personal to people,” Dr. Williams said. “Making sure that they have access to mental health care, finding practitioners, making sure that they aren’t sitting at home waiting for it to be bad enough to when they have to get to an emergency room.”

Dr. Williams became so admired by her peers, colleagues, and budding entrepreneurs, who often asked–how did you get started? So, she wrote it all down in her book, Black Angels Among Us.

“I really came to think of my role in life is to make sure I’m empowering as many people as I possibly can, with the knowledge and the capabilities to really control their own destinies, as far as their financial health and wealth,” said Williams.

From growing businesses to growing food, one of Dr. Williams’ most recent passion projects involves an urban farm in west Charlotte. The farm was developed by the West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition. Communities in this area have been asking for a grocery store for nearly 30 years.

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“If we’re trying to tell people to be more healthy and make better choices, you have to give them access to the things that will do that.”

The farm can help with that, but it’s not enough. With the help of several community partners, what’s known as the Three Sisters Market will soon become a reality. Not only will it supply healthy food, it will provide jobs, skills training and a gathering space.

“I say I want to be like her when I grow up,” Best said. “I want to be an angel investor, a venture capitalist and all these amazing titles. But I think what makes her really special is that she is so dedicated to the community.”

And the list goes on. Dr. Williams serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Chamber Of Commerce, works with the non-profit Heal Charlotte. She’s also a board member for NPR affiliate WFAE 90.7, and an advisor for the Shelter To Shutters organization.