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Which toy boxer dogs are best?

When it comes to dogs, you can’t get much better than a boxer. Because of their short coat, they’re easy to care for, and their sweet temperament makes them ideal as family dogs. Since they’re descended from several different working breeds, they are quite intelligent and can be trained to do certain tasks. What better way to celebrate their finest qualities than with a toy? 

The best toy boxer dog is the DebinaleHandcrafts Boxer Dog Replica. Your dog photo will be recreated into a realistic toy boxer dog hand-knitted with love and affection.

What to know before you buy a toy boxer dog


Before you buy a gift for anyone, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s something they want and will love and cherish. If you’re buying this toy for yourself, then you probably already know. For someone else, though, you should be sure they love boxers and that you’re getting them the kind of toy they’d most appreciate, as everyone is different.


Boxers are a wonderful, goofy breed. They tend to be of medium to large size with short hair. The breed is descended from the German Bullenbreisser, which worked as a hunting dog for large game for many centuries. They tend to make great family pets because of their loving and silly nature, especially around children. Boxers are also quite intelligent and can be trained as service dogs. Because of all these wonderful qualities, a toy boxer can be a wonderful thing to have around to express your love of this breed.


Toy boxers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Consider the space where this toy will go. If you get a display piece, is there already space ready to display it? But if you get a stuffed toy, will it live on the couch or the bed? Yet, if it’s for a child, does the child have room for another toy?

What to look for in a quality toy boxer dog


Size is always an important factor when it comes to toys. It’s important that a toy isn’t too comically large for the recipient and can easily fit into their home or wherever they intend to keep it. Some people do enjoy large toys, but in general, they’re more of a novelty than a practical item. So, it’s better to get something smaller, especially if the recipient doesn’t have a ton of space.

Amusement factor

Toy boxer dogs can come in all different forms that provide varying levels of amusement to different people. Some people enjoy stuffed animals, while others prefer display pieces like bobbleheads or toys inspired by vintage items. If you’re getting this toy for yourself or someone else, consider what you or they like most. Also, think about what you or they love about boxers and what kind of toy would best represent those wonderful qualities. For example, some people love how cuddly and sweet boxers are and enjoy hugging a plush toy. Others like their goofy sense of humor and would enjoy the hilarity of a novelty toy.


Some toy boxers are more realistic, while others are more cartoonish. Everyone has differing tastes. A classic plush boxer is usually a crowd-pleaser because it perfectly walks the line between realism and soft, cozy plushiness. However, some people might prefer something a little sillier, with more exaggerated proportions. Or they might appreciate a custom boxer toy that is meant to remind them of a past beloved pet.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy boxer dog

A toy boxer dog will cost around $11-$63.

Toy boxer dog FAQ

Can you clean a toy boxer?

A. It depends on what it’s made of. Some plushies can be tossed in a washing machine on warm or cold and then tumble dried on low, while others should only be spot cleaned. Other types of toys most likely can only be wiped with a damp cloth at best.

Is a toy boxer a good stand-in for a real one?

A. If you’re not in a position to get a real boxer, then it absolutely can be. Still, if it’s a memorial gift for a departed pet, it’s best to think of it more as a tribute than a stand-in since beloved pets are not replaced.

What are the best toy boxer dogs to buy?

Top toy boxer dog

DebinaleHandcrafts Boxer Dog Replica

DebinaleHandcrafts Boxer Dog Replica

What you need to know: These sweet custom boxer toys are handmade with love.

What you’ll love: Using reference images of your dog, these are hand-knitted to order. They also come with a custom collar with your dog’s name. If you have a specific boxer you want to memorialize, this is a beautiful option.

What you should consider: Since they are handmade to order, they can take up to a month to ship.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top toy boxer dog for the money

Batty Bargains Bouncy Bobblehead Boxer

Batty Bargains Bouncy Bobblehead Boxer

What you need to know: This classic bobblehead boxer will delight and amuse from your car dashboard.

What you’ll love: The perfect size to stick anywhere, this little novelty toy will look especially cute in a car. Its bobbling head with those signature boxer jowls will make you laugh and remind you of how goofy these wonderful dogs can be.

What you should consider: It will likely fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight on your dash.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ganz 12-Inch Heritage Boxer Stuffed Animal

Ganz 12-Inch Heritage Boxer Stuffed Animal

What you need to know: This adorable plushie is perfectly soft and huggable.

What you’ll love: About 12 inches long, this boxer is just big enough to be hugged and snuggled. It’s made of a very soft plush that is sure to be relaxing and comforting. It has slightly floppy limbs, which will probably remind you of a boxer jumping around like a goofball.

What you should consider: Some customers report issues with the seams.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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