(PINPOINT WEATHER) – A new European Union report finds “Earth just had its hottest three months on record.”

July and August 2023 topped the two hottest months ever recorded by a lot, not just breaking the record but shattering it.

Ocean temperatures also top the list of records. Oceans trap more than 90% of our excess heat from greenhouse gas emissions. Sea surface temperatures have literally been off the charts this summer.

While scientists were expecting hotter ocean temperatures thanks to the El Nino circulation, the most recent decades also top the list as some of the warmest.

To read the full report from scientists in the European Union, click here.

American scientists also released new numbers today on 2022 climate trends. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its study Wednesday morning.

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The report finds 2022 topped records for greenhouse gas emissions, ocean heat, and sea-level rise.

570 scientists in 60 more than countries teamed up to write the report; click here to read it.

One of the most commonly asked questions to scientists: How do we know it’s the most carbon in 800,000 years if none of us were here?

Paleoclimatology is the answer. Scientists analyze ice cores, ocean shells, tree rings, cave sediment, fossils, and much more to measure carbon levels. 

Carbon dioxide is the only thing that’s increasing as fast as the temperature.