CHARLOTTE (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – For this Saturday’s match against Cincinnati, Charlotte FC’s Manager Miguel Ángel Ramírez wants you to know just because they won a game – doesn’t mean the crown is built.

This team, and roster, are still a work in progress.

“I mean, it’s still under construction. But of course, it’s better to build something winning, than losing. But win or losing is part of the game, regardless if you are new or if you have 100 years of history,” Ramirez said.

As for you, the fans, that is not a work in progress. Continue showing up!

Obviously, the first-ever home match was incredible with nearly 75,000 fans, setting an MLS record. Last weekend, nearly 30,000 fans! The upper bowl wasn’t open for that specific match.  

Keep it up. Make Charlotte FC an event. Make it a party. Win or lose right now, go, have all the drinks, and get after it.

The winning will come – and I guarantee you – you impact the team much more than you think.