CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Charlotte FC’s Captain’s Academy is a community program that helps build our leaders of tomorrow by giving them access to the leaders of today.

Joey Logano is a two-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion and he led the conversation this week at Bank of America Stadium, speaking to over 40 of the student-athletes in the program about his experience in being a leader.

“You get some interesting questions and you get up there and you kind of think of some of the things with how you lead,” said Logano.  “It kind of gets my wheels spinning as much as the kids sometimes.”

As far as leadership advice, Logano shared the mantra behind Team Penske.

“Roger Penske’s favorite thing to say is ‘effort equal results’ and that the harder he works the luckier he gets.  So that’s always been the model at Penske. Work.  Work hard and good things happen.”

The Captains Academy focuses on helping local student-athletes in life and career development, financial literacy and leadership.

The program is led by Leadership Coach, Jeremy Boone, who has worked with professional teams and athletes all over the world to become ‘bigger, better, and braver’ leaders.

“Usually community service is geared towards getting a picture with a pro athlete, signing something and giving a little money,” explained Boone.  “In their inaugural year last year, [Charlotte FC] reached out and said [they] actually want to lean in and do community service ‘bigger, better, braver,’ and actually make a real impact, and those are the people and the organizations that I want to be a part of.”