Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter nearly pulled off a stunning interception during Monday’s matchup with the Chiefs on Monday night. His attempt to intercept a spike attempt by Patrick Mahomes would have created one of the most eye-opening highlights in recent memory.

And it seems Carter actually came up with the idea after seeing a viral play on YouTube made by a high school player, which he admitted after the game.

“I saw it on the internet, I’ve seen it on YouTube. Some high school kid tried and he actually caught the ball. I thought, ‘That’s a good idea.’ I knew they would spike it so I tried to go for it,” Carter told Eliot Shorr-Parks of WIP after the game.

It would have made for an incredible highlight and certainly a memorable moment. Here’s a look at just how close Carter was to pulling in the interception attempt on the Mahomes spike.

Impressive effort from Carter, and it’s probably a safe bet that we’ll see a few other defensive lineman take a shot at this as well going forward.