GARDEN CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — Perched on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Waccamaw Dr., The Yum Yum Shop saw extensive flooding and devastation during Hurricane Ian.

When owner Bryon Busbin came into his shop on Saturday morning after the storm, what he saw was heartbreaking. 

“Devastation,” Busbin said. “Everything was totally washed everywhere.”

Freezers were tipped over, mud covered the floor, and water was still standing on the ground one week later. 

“All of our equipment is gone,” Busbin said. “You’re talking well over $100,000 worth of freezers, stock coolers, everything. It’s a total loss for us.”

The force of the water was enough to tip over ice cream freezers that weigh hundreds of pounds. 

“[The freezers] were sealed to the ground,” Busbin said. “As you see, they have been upended. That’s the amount of force and water that has tipped everything.”

Busbin said it is going to cost well over $150,000 to rebuild The Yum Yum Shop. He said he could not afford hurricane insurance that was priced at more than $85,000 per year. 

He said rebuilding The Yum Yum Shop will not be easy. 

“Everything’s gonna have to be re-gutted,” Busbin said. “The whole inside’s going to be totally redone and new equipment of course.”

Busbin is retired. He said the ice cream shop is his and his wife’s passion project.

“My wife got the idea of us opening an ice cream shop, and I like it,” Busbin said. 

He said the community is what keeps them going. Fans of The Yum Yum Shop have shown an outpouring of love on social media. 

“I can’t imagine Garden City without The Yum Yum shop,” customer Tara Frierson said. “Places like this are more than just a store or a shop, it is part of what the town is. If we had no Yum Yum shop, we would lose a huge piece of what Garden City means to so many people.”

Customers across the board agree that the shop is an important part of the Garden City community. 

“It’s not a visit to Garden City if you don’t stop at The Yum Yum Shop,” customer Patricia Thompson said. 

It’s not going to be easy. But Busbin said it will be done. 

“The Young Yum Shop will reopen. It’s gonna reopen,” Busbin said. “We’re having to start from scratch, but we will rebuild.”

Busbin is asking for the community’s help to reach their goal. They have set up a GoFundMe where the community can donate.