Mental health counselor on teen girl depression

A rise in depression and sadness in teenage girls is being called a mental health crisis.

Here’s what it takes to be middle class

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What does it take to be middle class? Roughly $82,000 a year in household income in San Francisco, $74,000 in Seattle and $60,000 in Washington, D.C., a new study says, but only $24,000 in Cleveland.

3rd Annual Queen Charlotte’s Ball

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Queen City News Now sat down with Levisha Johnson of Socialite Charlotte to talk about the return of the event.

States with the Highest Average Student Debt

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Degree Choices analyzed data from the Office of Federal Student Aid to break down the states with the highest average student debt.

Northern lights: What causes them?

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How the sun creates the dazzling, colorful displays that light up our night sky.

Grandmother’s ashes taken from porch in Midtown

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A Midtown woman is coming to terms with losing her grandmother for a second time after a porch pirate stole the package with her ashes inside it. 

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