GEORGETOWN, S.C. (PINPOINT WEATHER) – The World Metrological Organization retired the names of Fiona and Ian Wednesday from use in future hurricane seasons.

Hurricanes Fiona and Ian were two of the most destructive storms from the 2022 hurricane season.

Fiona reached Category 4 status and had maximum sustained winds of 140 MPH. The storm was responsible for 25 deaths in Puerto Rico before turning north and making landfall in Nova Scotia, with the lowest pressure ever observed in Canada (931 millibars).

Ian was another devastating Category 4 hurricane with winds maxing out at 155 MPH before landfall in Cayo Costa in Southwest Florida. The storm also made a second US landfall near Georgetown, South Carolina, and did impact the Central Carolinas through gusty winds and heavy rain.

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Farrah & Idris will replace Fiona & Ian, respectively, for future hurricane seasons.