(PINPOINT WEATHER) — The cold is definitely here! We began the day with widespread 20s for low temperatures around the region. 

Tonight will be more of the same with freezing conditions everywhere. But if you’re not a fan of the winter-like chill, just wait a few days — warmth is coming. 

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In fact, highs on Friday will reach the low-60s, and it just gets warmer from there. By the end of the weekend, highs are expected in the low-70s. Early-morning temperatures will climb above freezing as well. 

We’ve been saying it over and over: We need rain. Severe drought conditions have expanded across the Foothills, and Moderate drought now includes the entire region. 

The Catawba-Wateree River Basin is now in Stage 1 drought, and residents are encouraged to conserve water. Rain chances don’t appear until late next week, and even then, they’re slim. 

Great weather for outside activities, though! Highs will be approaching 80 by mid-week. 

Tonight: Clear and cold. Low 30. 

Friday: Sunny and cool. High 62.