CHARLOTTE (PINPOINT WEATHER) — It’s been another spectacular day across the QC with ample sunshine and low humidity across the region.

If you liked it today, we are expecting more of the same as we head into the weekend with ample sunshine as well as tolerable humidity.

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The one change that we will see, and one that will happen over time, is that our temperatures will be moving higher where 90s are looking more and more likely as we start next week. As for the rest of the week, you can expect more pleasant weather on tap for the region as temperatures overnight will dip down to around the 60-degree mark in the low country and upper 40s for the mountains.

Friday will be another spectacular day with just a few fair-weather clouds. High temperatures will be in the mid-80s as our temperatures start their upward trend. If you’ve got big plans for the weekend you will continue to be treated to more tranquil weather from Mother Nature.

Even though temperatures will start to push into the upper 80s the humidity will continue to stay low allowing more great opportunities to get outside and enjoy the late Summer weather.

Looking ahead to next week we continue to expect more dry weather along with temperatures that will continue to push higher. There is some potential of a weak front late Monday, but it will have no rain with it, or drop our temperatures.

In fact, we are expecting some of the hottest weather in weeks for the middle part of the week with 90s likely, and mid-90s are not out of the question.

Due to all of the dry weather, we are expecting drought conditions to expand across the Piedmont and Sandhills over the next couple of weeks.

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Out in the tropics, we are keeping our eye on the newly developed Tropical Storm Fiona. The storm now has winds of 50 MPH and is expected to move through the northern Leeward Islands as well as impact Puerto Rico over the next few days.

Further out, there is a lot of uncertainty with the track and intensity as how much the storm interacts with Hispaniola will have a major impact on the storm’s track and intensity. We will be monitoring Fiona closely over the next few days.