CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PINPOINT WEATHER) – It was back on the warm side Tuesday afternoon, as top temps ended up closer to the 80-degree mark.

But for yet another day, it stayed dry in most neighborhoods. However, that could change for some areas Wednesday night into Thursday morning as an area of low pressure moves up the Carolina coast.

Due to the track of the low, most of the widespread, steady rain we could use will stay to our south. But the showers may reach up toward the Charlotte area by early Thursday morning, providing some lawns with just a little water. Places north and west of Charlotte in the mountains and foothills will likely stay dry.

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There’s a slightly better rain chance coming for part of the weekend.

Another cold front will move in from the west, bringing scattered showers — and possibly a storm or two — Friday night into Saturday. Behind the front, unseasonably cool temperatures return for Sunday and early next week.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 52.

Wednesday: Increasing clouds. High 74.